Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Truck filps onto my Sister

This summer was the best no worries but to wake up get ready to eat report to my post at the Archery Field. I loved teaching the sport to see kid who never would have been exposed to Archery in their life most likely. I also tought a few moms some archery and a few other things that year. It was lots of fun and even i learned a lot. Every thing was going great until my family came to visit me and drop off some medication for me. They came to camp we spent the day together. They soon left to go back home when their truck flipped over into a ditch and all where tossed out of the vehicle. The truck landed after rolling over a few time right on my sister who was trapt under the hot pipes under the truck. They all thought she was dead. she survived with the help of God, my family,some stangers and the doctors. I could not bvelive this happened to them and blamed myself for the whole thing for days.

Monday, December 3, 2007

I could not get back there if i tried too

When i was really young about 10 years old we went camping in a romote location this trip i will never forget this was the first time i ever went camping. My cousin Frankie boy was there i don't see him much ant more but back then i looked up to him i don't know why but i did he always treated us bad. I remeber that there was this water fall that he climbed up and that we were the only people there. I had a great time even tyhe drive there i seen planes from Lagaurdia landing almost on the cars on the grand central parkway. And we also seen a bad motorcycle accident that cause the rider to be decapitated its all in my head still till this day.