Saturday, December 5, 2009

Camping in France And Europe and beyond

The last post we did had a few options in camping in France this next option has camping in many different parts of Europe. We think so narrow minded when it comes to camping.

We often think that camping should be done in our back yards never realizing that maybe others take their Holidays in France or somewhere far away from where we live maybe Spain Or Italy. If you ever wanted to go Camping in a far away land take a look at Eurocamp a great site with lots of options in European Holidays where you can rough it up or live in luxury it all up to you to find the right fit for you and your family.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Camping in France sounds exciting with Key Camp

I have always heard of Camping in France from other scouts who were on staff. I was the archery director. I often wondered what it would be like and never looked into it much, until I was approached by a man on the Internet who's was ranting about it. So I looked into it further and found a company that covers all of France when it comes to booking so I reached out to see if they wanted to get some exposure on Camping stories and they said yes.

Key Camp is like the Priceline or Expedia for camping sites through out France. The site has many useful you can search for water sports, Exploring, Kids Club and Sports. Or just camp in a sky high tree House Wow now that's one unique concept for a Holiday in France

Monday, March 2, 2009

Pineapple Jerky review & killer Trail Mix Recipe

the picture below is of Pineapple Jerky
Camping and hiking is the outings you know to bring trail Mix There are other place trail mix hits the spot.

Like Hunting,snowboarding,wave running and many other sports. If you like trail mix and pineapple you may want to try Pineapple Jerky It's great by itself. So I had to take it one step further and add it to my trail mix blend. We all have different blend when it comes to our Trail Mix Recipes. Let me tell you first what the Pineapple Jerky taste like.

OK its slim has a tender like a Beef Jerky texture it's not dry at all and is honey infused taste like candy with a Natural pineapple flavor. It's perfect to eat on it's own or in a trail mix for any sport or that long drive with the kids. This will give you great energy that last.

Too see more review and comments go to Chow Times

Pineapple Jerky what will they think of next!!!