Sunday, November 18, 2007

Indiain Cliffs Boy vs Bear

Indian cliff are in a camp just outside of Narrowsberg NY called Ten Mile River is made up of five camps along the river or the river area. although i was not Jewish for some reason the troop i was in happened to go there. I am glad they did it is home to Indian cliffs. This is a bout 2-1/2 miles form the base of camp. As The story has

it young Indian boy went to prove his manhood by killing a bear. He found a bear to fight the fight was a tough one for both the boy and the Bear. With the boy badly injured and the bearalmost dead the boy pulled the bear int a cave and sealed it off. They tried to open it and cant because the cliffs would be lost. So many years latter i returned and had taken some photos. One dayWhile hanging out with so friends someone noticed two things as i wastelling this tale. The picture of the sealed rock was not as it seamed it had the Indian boy in the rock and a red mark that looks like a bear on it hind legs. I have the pictures i will share them.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I felt like a true moron

I was on our first camping trip by ours I mean Jenn and I we are still together 10 years after this story. That's whole other story in it self. I bragged about my camping skills and my Eagle scout credits the whole way to the campground. I talk about how i could start a fire with rope and some spark or with one match. We got wood from the campground store it was raped in plastic. I could not get this wood to light if my life depended on it. After about 1-1/2 hours I thought maybe the wood that was rapped in plastic could be wet or moist form that rap. So with the store close I knock on this mans door a 12:30 Am It was during labor day east coast it was chilly out. I had to do it. He was more then happy to help us on a cold evening. We went back to the camp site and lets just say it got a little freaky and i lit more then one fire that cold September night.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Hail storm from hell

This hail storm that hit me and my girlfriend Jennifer that summer 0f 98 was right out of hell. It knocked down lot's tents we were a few of the people left standing due to the fact we put our tent up in the lean to and it was covered by wood. When we got out to see the ice balls were up to our Kneecaps it's was the craziest sound of thunder that I have ever heard.