Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nothing says summer like a camping/River trip

I have been going here for years it's fun and right on the Delaware river on the NY Pennsylvania boarder. It's called landers river trips in narrows burg NY. they also have about four other near by camping/river sites We like to go here.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

One time at band camp LoL

I was at ten mile river boy scout camps when I was younger and I went cannoning down the Delaware. with this stuck up rich troop on the hill who was rumored to have power and computers. So we where riding in the canoe when they started with us one of the older boys reached in the river and found a dead fish and slaped the boy across the face and tip the cannoe.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The story of the farmer Croppse

long ago but not long enough for him to be dead himself. There was a farmer named Croppse,who lived near a boy scout camp. one day two lads where out hiking when they got lost in the woods. With no where to go the boys stumbled upon the Croppse farm. they seen the farmer who put them up in his barn till morning when he would help them find there way back to camp. The boy retired to the barn and started a small fire to keep warm.

The boy quickly fell asleep it was along day after all. The fire almost burned out, then a amber hit the hay on the floor. Before the boys know the barn was up in flames to boys ran and never looked back.

The fire quickly spread like wild fire and set the farmers house a blaze. His wife and kid died and the farmer lived. He was mad at the boy for running without warning his family.

From that day forward he look for those two scout who could not be found. This made the farmer even more mad he started to hate boy scout,then loath the scout.

soon after that he was so angry he just went hunting for boy scouts bodies where turning up at every camp till this day.

PS always use the buddy system strength in numbers.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Camping stories tips , ticks, places to camp

Hello to all who see this post in the world. My name is John A Ciampa an Eagle Scout from troop 139 boy scouts at Ht Helen's Howard beach queens. That was very nice of them to let us use their basement for so many year god bless st Helen's and the people who mad this possible. With that said I would tell You that because of the scout I think out side the box.

I have lots to teach and tell You I own other blogs and websites so if you need info on the topics that I blog about feel free to ask. I will help you if you would like to start a blog. Or maybe You just want to read and get pointers on camping and laugh a little bit that's cool too. Life is what you make it think positive and all your dreams can be reality.

See you next time with pictures and camping stories.